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Cathaygems Shipping and Payments

Cathaygems is a division of C.D. Plus, Inc., incorporated in the State of California and headquartered in the east section of San Diego County in a suburb called Santee. We supply freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry made to order from our own freshwater pearl farms in Shanghai, China. We ship products both domestically and internationally to any location a courier is willing to go.

Shipping Policy

We ship anywhere in the world and work based on a flat rate shipping policy. It won't matter what you buy you can pick one flat rate based on the speed and options associated with it. Some restrictions may apply.

Below are our guidelines and shipping policies.

Sending a gift to a different address

If your shipping address is different from your billing address it may delay your order slightly for verification. Whenever someone ships to a different country or very distant address we're required to verify with the card holder via phone or email that this is the correct shipping address. So please, when placing any order always put down full contact information in the appropriate fields in case we need to reach you. Your order will be in stasis until we manage to verify the shipping address. We reserve the right to hold or cancel any and all orders where we cannot verify the consent of the cardholder within one week's time from the date of the order being placed.

We ship worldwide to almost every country on the planet. However, due to the growing use of fraudulently obtained credit card numbers in several countries additional restrictions may apply. If you're placing an order from or to a country such as Indonesia, Romania, Russia, Nepal, Turkmenistan, The Philippines, Nigeria, along with several other African and European countries we'll only be able to accept payment for orders from a verified Paypal account.

Order Processing:

As all items at Cathay Gems are made to order they are generally unable to be overnighted to a destination. They must first be assembled at our factory in Shanghai, China. This process can take anywhere from three days for simple orders or a whole month if they're making a custom design. After your order is assembled at our factory, if your shipping address is outside the United States, and/or you've chosen an international shipping method, your package will be sent to you as asked direct from our factory.

However if you are in the USA and choose a domestic shipping option, your order will be put in a queue of packages and then assembled into one large shipment that will be expressed to our California offices for repackaging and final shipment to your location. Average total lead times therefore on orders placed with domestic shipping such as priority mail can take around ten to fourteen days to arrive, much longer if the slower airmail shipping option is chosen.

This means that all orders will come only direct from our factory and therefore if any shipping aside from the provided options is desired then the shipping rates charged will be based on the actual prices to express it from our factory in Shanghai. This generally means that due to location it's not usually possible (or if it is prohibitively expensive) to have next day overnight shipping on any order.

All express orders are automatically assigned rush processing and will be assembled as soon as possible.

Rush Processing:

If any other orders are placed on an urgent deadline but you haven't chosen express shipping then rush processing can be added onto your order. If you need rush processing please call us at 1-619-405-2879 or email us at after placing your order to authorize the charges. Please keep in mind however that even if your order is rush processed it will still need to wait in a queue to be sent to our California headquarters if you've chosen a domestic shipping option. Only Internationally mailed items may be sent by themselves from our factory.

Shipping within the United States

 1.      US First Class Airmail, without insurance and tracking: $4.99
Airmail offers no insurance or tracking, we can only provide you with proof of shipping and cannot therefore take responsibility for any lost or damaged orders after the package is handed off to the post office. This shipping method is limited to orders weighing in at less than 13 ounces and only recommended to those whose orders have little to no time constraints. Once shipped, airmail can take about two weeks to arrive at its destination; the actual E.T.A. may be shorter or longer however depending on the speed of the post offices between us and you. Airmail orders are also processed last in our queue, after priority and express. This means that during holidays your order may take significantly longer than expected.

2.      USPS Priority Mail Service: $6.97.  
Priority mail is the most recommended option to those without severe time constraints. We insure all packages sent priority and also provide every customer with a tracking number for their package. Priority mail orders almost always take around five to ten business days to arrive once shipped (typically no more than two days.)

3.      Express Mail: $24.95.
Need your order within five days? We can do it express. All express orders are guaranteed to be processed as fast as humanly possible. All orders are sent via USPS express mail when they arrive at our California HQ, which overnights to most locations within the USA. If faster delivery is required we recommend upgrading to Global Express at $29.95 to have your package sent express direct from our factory overseas as soon as it's assembled.
International shipments

1.      Worldwide First Class Airmail: $8.97
Depending on your country's location in relation to our factory, customs clearing time, and the speed of your local post office this usually takes ten to twenty business days to arrive.

2.      Insured Air Parcel: $17.97.
This is the most secure way to ship internationally without breaking the bank for global express. All orders are fully insured, with an estimated average delivery time of seven to thirteen business days. This again will depend on customs clearance and the relative location of your country to our factory.

3.      Global Express: $29.95
The fastest way to ship orders for a flat rate. Orders are sent via the best express courier we can find to that specific location direct from our factory. This is also the only method of international shipping that comes with a tracking number as well, so if you need to have one this is your best option. Delivery estimates range from 3-7 business days.

If you need special arrangements for a rush or bulk order beyond this please call us at 1-619-405-2879 or email us at to make arrangements.

Limitations of Insurance Coverage

Any insurance given to orders via their shipping policies is intended to add another layer of protection for your package from when it leaves our hands and enters that of the post office or express courier and extended only until such a time as the confirmed delivery of the package.

If for any reason an item we do not have listed as backordered does not ship with your order, and is reported during the same time frame as that for reporting damaged items then we will begin an investigation into the status of your items. If your package was determined to have been tampered with during shipping or that we forgot to include the item it will be considered a backorder and be re-sent to you in accordance with our backorder policy. If the missing item is not reported during the necessary time frame or we cannot reliably determine that your package was either tampered with or that we or the post office were at fault for not including the item then we will be unable to send a new item or reimburse you for its cost. If your order was sent via a shipping method that does not include insurance however then we can only offer to re-send or reimburse you for items determined to have been mistakenly not sent by our office, as we cannot take responsibility for any packages that have been vandalized or tampered with during shipping if they are not covered by insurance.

If your package has not been received within five business days after the upper limit on your ETA for the shipping method that you've chosen then an investigation can be launched by us on request and the related postal or express companies. An investigation will only be launched by us after such a time and if any information is required beforehand it is the customer's responsibility to initiate it until such a time. If it can be determined that we or the post office were at fault then your order will be re-sent as soon as that is determined. If the postal or express company's investigation turns up that they did successfully deliver the package or parcel to the correct address then your order will be ineligible for being covered by insurance if it cannot be found after that time. No order can be re-sent until an official conclusion is reported by the post office or express company in regards to any packages or parcels.

Payment Methods

We accept a wide variety of payment methods for purchasing our products. Your options for paying for your order include:

1.      Debit/Credit cards
We accept all major debit/credit carts at Cathay Gems. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as any other card brandishing their logos are all accepted. Please note that if your shipping and billing addresses are widely different we may choose to at our discretion require verification of the order with the cardholder to ensure the safety of your purchase. We also immediately report any and all fraudulent activity and relevant information to the Authorities.
As well, due to reported cases of credit card fraud in various Asian, African and European countries we cannot accept credit card payments for any orders being shipped to countries like Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Russia, Romania, Turkmenistan, and Nigeria. For orders placed that need to be shipped to these and similar other countries we can only accept payment via a verified paypal buyer account with a paypal verified shipping address.
2.      PayPal
A verified paypal buyer account is highly recommended for all customers who wish to have orders sent to places other than the United States. This is due to the high level of security provided by Paypal, as well as both buyer and seller protections and guarantees offered by the system.
3.      Google Checkout
Google Checkout is another electronic payment service brought online in recent years by Google. You'll simply need to create a google account, which only takes minutes and then you can process your transactions safely through google's secured payment service.

4.      Checks or money orders
We also allow check or money order payments for our domestic (USA) based customers. Please understand however that due to fees, and delays associated with clearance as well as currency conversion we are unable to accept check or money order payments that originate outside of the USA and/or are in a currency other than U.S. Dollars. Order processing will only begin upon final clearance of the check into our bank account. If for any reason your check bounces your order will be subject to a $10.00 penalty fee and we will be unable to accept any future check or money order payments from you. Please include a list of your desired items specifying the exact item number, quantity as well as colors or any other item options. We prefer that this list be typed on a typewriter or computer but if you must handwrite your item list then please ensure that your writing is printed out very plainly and legibly (no cursive writing please) especially for your shipping address and contact information. Please send any checks to:

attn: controller

Sales tax will only be calculated for all orders where either the billing or shipping address is located within the state of California. This is due to the fact that our corporate office is located just outside of San Diego, California. All other states and nations are tax exempt.

Ordering Customized Jewelry
There are two different tiers of custom jewelry we can offer and each can be placed in its own way.

1) If you just need custom coloration of an item, need a lengthening or shortening of a necklace or bracelet, or would like to switch out the clasp on any necklace/bracelet for another then you can simply place your order directly online for the items in question and write the customizations you'd like down into the comments field during checkout and we'll handle the rest. Custom coloration is free of charge, as is shortening any item. Lengthening and clasp substitution however will cost an extra fee. We'll let you know what the fee is once we receive your order and as soon as we receive authorization we can re-bill your credit card for that amount.


2) If you need a fully custom design for either a necklace or any other item, please send a detailed email to containing a text description and if applicable a photograph of the design. Our factory will review your design and let you know the price or if they need more information. Once a final price and design is agreed upon we can make a paypal or google checkout invoice for your order and send that to you for payment. Alternatively you can skip the extra step and send us the money for the order directly over paypal. Or if you have neither then you can call us at 1-619-405-2879 and place your order with us over the phone via credit card.


Rest assured our website is guaranteed to be secure. We're tested daily via McAfee Secure daily to ensure that your credit card information is protected from hackers. All transactions are encrypted by 128-bit SSL or better encryption and sent straight away to our gateway for processing.
We're committed to fighting credit card fraud and identity theft in any way we can. So in addition to the above we also regularly check for fraudulent transactions and will cooperate fully with the authorities if there is any suspected activity on our website. We always report all fraudulent activity immediately to the authorities.


Please understand that we are unable to guarantee shipping time on any international orders due to ever changing geopolitical situations which may cause customs to delay or refuse packages to certain countries. If there are any issues regarding customs please let us know immediately and we will do our best to work with customs get your package out to you as soon as reasonably possible.



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Freshwater Pearls

All freshwater pearls come directly from our freshwater pearl farms. CathayGems specializes in farming, drilling, coloring pearls, and stringing pearls. We can dye pearls in any color you want, have pearls drilled in any sized holes and any direction from side drilled, top drilled, half drilled or undrilled.

Pearl jewelry

Besides thousands of pearl jewelry products you can order directly online from our store, because we have our own in-house pearl factory, we can also custom make the type of pearl jewelry in any style or design you want, with 6-month free warrranty.

Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces are our speciality. Not only do we have the highest quality round pearl necklaces available for the most unbelievable prices, our unique pearl necklaces are perfect for both formal and casual wear. They come in various colors such as white, pink, peach, chocolate, and black, set in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver, perfect for bridesmaids and young girls as gifts, or amazing accessory for your own outfit.

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