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   Why Cathaygems :

Why Cathaygems Can Provide you with Pearls and Pearl Jewelry at the Lowest Wholesale Price

All over this website, you may have noticed how often and how freely we mention our ability to bring to you high quality pearl jewelry and pearl products at the lowest wholesale prices in the marketplace. If you take a look at our impeccable BBB report, pearls culturing fieldsyou will know although this website is new, the company who owns it is - C. D. Plus, Inc. We have been on line for almost half a decade. And before the emergence of the Internet, our pearl farm in China has been serving the globe for decades.


See reviews from our customers.

The reason we can back up our claims, simply, is because we manufacture jewelry, and with the following facts:
  • Nowhere else in the market can you find a matching set of cultured pearls for such low wholesale prices, starting at $24.95.
  • Nowhere else can you find as wide a variety of colors, styles, sizes, shapes and designs of pearl jewelry. 
  • Nowhere else can you find a pearl jewelry retailer who can supply anyone in the world with jewelry, custom-made to your specifications, for FREE.

You can compare our prices with our competitors on the Internet and you will easily find that our prices are much, much lower. We can offer such low prices because we are a jewelry manufacturer who is capable of doing so.

Here are the main reasons why you can get the highest value for your money when you buy pearls, and pearl jewelry directly from us.

1.    Our Own Pearl Farms
The main reason is the fact that we have our own pearl farms in China. Because we get our pearls straight from our own pearl farms, you can be assured that the price of our pearl products is not inflated by the cost of transporting pearls to our manufacturing unit or by the usual costs imposed upon shop owners by various middlemen.
Do understand that normally, as in the case with other jewelry businesses, they don't have their own pearl farms. They just sell whatever they have in stock. And so, they rely on suppliers to provide them with their stock, and this continuous process of restocking requires the work of middlemen. Every time a product passes the hands of a middleman, the cost is doubled. For an item to be transported from the supplier to the store, there are at least five middlemen involved in the process. Imagine how that process by itself beefs up the price of pearl jewelry.
But this is not the case with us. When you make a purchase with Cathaygems, what you are paying for is the actual cost of producing the pearls or the pearl jewelry and nothing else. You will not be paying for the cost of transporting pearls, and you will not be paying middleman profits.
Moreover, having our own pearl farm allows us to provide pearls in various sizes, various shapes and various colors, and in bulk when needed. Take note that our pearl farm is in China. Right now, China is considered to be one of the emerging leaders in pearl farming and is revolutionizing the way pearls are being cultivated. Moreover, China is uniquely suited for the pearl farming industry, with its abundance of resources and low cost of labor. The circumstances are perfect; pearl manufacturing is made possible at a considerably lower cost while improving the quality of the product output.

2.     Our Own Manufacturing Unit pearls stringing

Just as we have our own pearl farm, we also have our own manufacturing unit. Our in-house jewelers and jewelry designers are among the best in the trade, and all the finished pearl jewelry pieces we carry in our store are painstakingly designed and created by hand. These jewelers and designers allow our company to perform restringing services on demand and create custom-made pieces as commissioned by clients. Having our own manufacturing unit also allows us to comply with bulk orders regardless of how massive they may be. More importantly, having our very own manufacturing unit makes us capable of assuring our customers that the finished pearl jewelry pieces they buy from us are indeed unique.

Having their own manufacturing unit to back them up is something not all jewelry retailers can boast of. The lack of such a backbone limits the range of services they can provide their customers. The possession of our own manufacturing unit gives us a tremendous edge and puts us in a position to be able to serve our clients in ways others cannot come close to.
3.    Superior Quality Backed Up by a 6-Month Free Warranty

We at Cathaygems take our business seriously. This means that we make it our business to ensure that the pearls and pearl jewelry pieces we provide our customers are the best in the market at a comparatively low price.

As we stated above, we have our own pearl farm, and we have our own manufacturing unit for the production of pearl jewelry pieces. Because we have these resources to back us up, we are fully capable of putting every aspect of the production of our wares in our total control. Given this, what we have chosen to fully control is the quality of the products.

We at Cathaygems fully impose and strictly implement international standards in the process of crafting our pearl jewelry pieces. In every step of the process, each piece passes through the hawkeyed scrutiny of quality inspection.

If we did not believe in the quality of our products, then we would not be able to offer our clients a 90-day money-back guarantee policy or our six-month warranty with the utmost confidence.

Our business is not all about profits. It is about satisfaction. We want our clients to be completely happy with the pearls they buy from our store. We want them to return and do business with us again. We want to form a good working relationship with them that will last for years. And because we take our business seriously, we are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for years!

At Cathaygems, you are assured of receiving genuine pearls of the highest quality at a mere fraction of the price of what others are charging. That is our guarantee to you. 


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Online Payments, an online pearl jewelry manufacturer, guarantees you the lowest prices for freshwater pearls, pearl necklaces, and pearl Jewelry.If you were to find lower priced products with equal quality in other stores, we will match the prices with 10% off.

Freshwater Pearls

All freshwater pearls come directly from our freshwater pearl farms. CathayGems specializes in farming, drilling, coloring pearls, and stringing pearls. We can dye pearls in any color you want, have pearls drilled in any sized holes and any direction from side drilled, top drilled, half drilled or undrilled.

Pearl jewelry

Besides thousands of pearl jewelry products you can order directly online from our store, because we have our own in-house pearl factory, we can also custom make the type of pearl jewelry in any style or design you want, with 6-month free warrranty.

Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces are our speciality. Not only do we have the highest quality round pearl necklaces available for the most unbelievable prices, our unique pearl necklaces are perfect for both formal and casual wear. They come in various colors such as white, pink, peach, chocolate, and black, set in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver, perfect for bridesmaids and young girls as gifts, or amazing accessory for your own outfit.

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