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8-9mm Tahitian Pearl Ring with Real Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 2:45 am
Category: Bridal Jewelry, wholesale jewelry

pearl ringWhen we see word “ring“, we will always think automatically that is referring to ring wearing on our hand, yes, this is almost everyone can be connected in mind. But in this world, always have some crazy people who make the ring as a decorative ornament worn on nose, toes, tongue or even on navel. Are you one of the crazy people?

Ring has been recognized widely as a symbol for Love and Marriage. If you see a girl wearing a ring on her middle finger, you can ensure that she is in loving and if on ring finger, then obviously that she is married. Do you know the ring owns this special symbolic significance? It should be dated back to 1477, an Austria who named Maximilian, he was fall love into with Mary for her elegant and graceful, which has engaged to French. Maximilian has known about it but he did not like to give up but to have a try, then he asks his jewelry maker to make a specialized diamond ring and gave to Mary. Finally his dream become and got married to his lover. He is the first to use diamond ring to show his love, from then on, ring has become a basic item for married women and men.

Do you know how to show your love to your dreamed girl? Are you ready to get married? Are you just looking for a valuable engagement ring or married ring? I am sure you have idea of the ring must made with gold or gold and diamond, but do you have any idea of that a ring made with gold, diamond together Tahitian Pearl? If you have read my previous blog, you will know what is Tahitian and the value of it. just launched this new item, would like to see it? Here is its image.

tahitian pearl ringIt features an 18K gold setting in a double band design with one row of real diamonds on each side. The total weight of diamonds is approximately 0.184 ct. There is a genuine Tahitian pearl (8-9mm) at center. The pearl is high AAA grade in perfect round shape with high luster. Click here to view more information.

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